Christina Boudreau is a 29 year old internationally signed plus size model, author, speaker, and spoken word poet, who is passionate about spreading the gospel to the nations of the world. Christina has shared her story and God’s love on many platforms worldwide including doing a Ted Talk last year in Irvine California. The deepest desire of Christina’s heart is to see revival break out and to see God’s love poured out upon her generation. Whether it’s in the modeling industry, a sex trafficking recovery home, in a public high school, a group home, a youth conference or driving in a car with a bunch of teenagers. Christina believes that it’s her purpose and call to love this generation with the love of the Father. Her home church is based out of Potters Field Ministries in Montana, and she is one of the voices and Ambassadors of the Whosoevers movement. She is the founder of Beauty Has No Size and I Am Royalty Young Women’s Ministry, which are both dedicated to bringing a message of value, purpose, beauty, and identity in Christ to women and young women around the world.


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